Quicker and much less destructive

I am very impressed with your tree popper I used with a bush care group recently. We all agreed it was quicker than cut & painting methods and much less destructive. I would like to purchase one to deal with privet on my property. Could you send me info and price to...

Marsfield, NSW

Boxthorn, briar rose - not a problem

I am delighted with the mid sized treepopper I recently purchased for Dept of Environment in the National Parks of Lofty/Barossa District, delivered last week. It doesn't look pretty any more but has already been responsible for the demise of large numbers of olives, boneseed and Acacia saligna. Even some boxthorn and briar rose were extracted successfully by repositioning the jaws on lateral roots having eased the stem out a bit. We will be applying it to broom, gorse and pines in the near future and will give you some more detailed feedback on the product once a few staff and volunteers have had a go with it.

I have already recommended the product to other land managers and volunteer groups in the Adelaide Hills and will consider further purchases when the budget is in better shape!

100 hours on Boneseed and Olives - still going strong

Our Medium Tree Popper has now seen about 100 hours use at a rough estimate, primarily on boneseed and olives which are 2 of the 3 most significant environmental weeds in the Barossa District parks. The tool has been operated by several members of Friends of Parks, most take a while to adjust their technique to get the best out of it while minimising disturbance and then find it (as I did) to be an efficient, well designed and constructed tool that saves a lot of wear and tear on backs!

I have also used it on broom, boxthorn, wild rose, tree lucerne and non-indigenous Acacia saligna. The neighbouring parks district has huge problems with Mediterranean and English broom, I expect the small popper should be well matched for removal of dense patches of these plants.

I have demonstrated and recommended the tool to most of our local Friends groups, catchment board officers, Local council weeds officers, Green Corps and "Bush for Life" bushcarers and will happily continue to do so. I was unable to coordinate a bulk purchase but expect that you will receive quite a few orders from this area, to the detriment of the woody weed population!

Looking forward to receiving the new weaponry (two more Mediums plus a Small Tree Popper).

Treepopper a tool of the trade

The City of Salisbury have only recently purchased a single Tree Popper to trial. The gullies of Salisbury are infested with Olives to date we have poisoned the bulk of the larger ones and we are now into treating the smaller trees. This is where the Popper has been invaluable. With the moist soil this time of year even the quite large Olives (up to 2m) are coming out with ease.

After two weeks we have now ordered another two Poppers (another medium and a large one) to trial, expecting big things from that one.

From my experience I expect the Poppers to progress out of the gullies when the Olives are dealt with to help us with other woody weeds including Boxthorn, Ash, Peppers and Castor Oils - its ease of use make this an efficient and effective way of dealing with woody weeds. The Popper has quickly become a tool of the trade for weed management, certainly a valuable asset for Salisbury in controlling woody weeds.

Rata LuckensOpen Space CoordinatorCity of Salisbury

Aleppo Pines and Olives - effortless

We have found the Popper a most useful tool in our efforts to rid our park of feral plants such as small Aleppo pines and olives. It has proved so successful that at our meeting held last Monday it was decided to purchase the Large version which I picked up today.

Don WebsterThe Friends of O'Halloran Hill Recreation Park

Olives popping out of the ground

I found out about the Tree Popper through my association with the Para Wirra Recreation Park here near Gawla, as a member of their Friends group.The local ranger lent one to me to assess its use in weed clearance in the Park. For mature boneseed they are much more effective than the old cut and swab method.

As a result of using the Tree popper in the Park I decided to purchase one for use on the land I own alongside the Park which has a problem with olive growth.

One of the problems that occurred with the borrowed Medium jawed Popper I had used was that somethimes it was difficult to open the jaws wide enough for thick trunks. I decided to order the Large size and have found that olives I previously left are now "popping" out of the ground!

Easier than an axe, boring holes, Roundup

The Tree Popper requires much less energy than swinging an axe, less time consuming than trying to bore holes and fill with Roundup (although this is still the method used when dealing with large mature olive trees) and on smaller olives much more certain of a kill. On areas where the soil is very thin above stones and rocks there is soil disturbance but that is a small price to pay for complete removal of the pest plant knowing that no follow up has to be programmed for later. All in all I have found the Tree Popper to be an excellent tool for the removal of young olives.

Michael E. JohnsonGawler, S.A.